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Modular Kitchens , Wardrobe , Furniture & Interiors
Modular Kitchens

You have the Option to select Commercial Plywood OR Waterproof Plywood/Marine Plywood white Laminated.

(16mm marine ply with 0.8mm laminate inside (white / colour ) and 1mm laminate outside )
Sycamore :
Solid Wood Shutters coated with Polyurethene from a variety of Wood viz; Beach Oak Walnut Teak,Rubberwood,American cherry, Maple, Ash etc.
Primrose :
Membrane Pressed PVC Shutters from a variety of Colors & Designs.
Galaxy :
Laminated Shutters with multiple Color Choices
Lavender :
Painted Shutters with multiple Color choices
Hazel :
Aluminium Framed Glossy laminated Shutters
Orchid :
Veneered Shutters
Davinci :

“ Designer Shutters” for the first time - this is a new Concept developed by us.
You can paste your Favourite Photo/Picture/Cartoon/Quote whatever you like& display on the Shutters. Let the Kitchen be your Living Room in the Days to come..
(This product is Patented to Elegant)

You have again the Choice of variety of materials & designs

a) Commercial Plywood
b) Waterproof/Marine Plywood
c) MDF [Medium Density Fibre] Board
d) Particle Board

a) Solid Wood Polyurethene Coated
b) Veneered Polyurethene Coated
c) Laminated Post Formed & Straight
d) Membrance Pressed PVC shutters

Custom made Furniture: you can give us the Design, Picture or Sketch, Of your choice of Furniture we will develop it for you.

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